Saturday, 2 October 2010

Harvest Festival

(photos taken last spring!)
 Yesterday we celebrated Harvest Festival. It was a dull Grey day and the wind and rain got steadily worse as the day progressed.
Harvest Festival is a celebration of the food grown on the Land.

It is celebrated on the Sunday nearest to the Harvest Moon and this usually falls around 23rd September but can sometime fall in October. (I cannot find any mention of Harvest Festival in the school blog which I find strange).

But it is an ancient ceremony and for as long as I have known, the school children have walked up the cobbled lane behind the school to the church for a short service.
Class 5 (year 5 and 6) took the service and did very well, all taking part and saying their piece well. We sung some traditional hymns one of my favourites being Thankyou Lord for Harvest Time, all the children love it and really enjoy singing it!


  1. It is strange that the harvest wasn't mentioned in the school log book isn't it? I remember having to take in a can of food at school and the local baker would make a huge bread wheatsheaf that looked so spectacular!

  2. hi,i loved harvest festival, at school we had to take in fruit n veg then it was all auctioned off in the evening, the proceeds went to the village church,brilliant times back then! i try to make events special for my children as i had as a child, great memories.....