Sunday, 23 October 2011


October 28th 1919
Mr Dixon of the Church of England Approved Society gave the children a lecture on West Africa. He has served with His Majesty's Forces there. Souvenirs and relics of his journeying were shown e.g. ostrich feathers, a cotton garment, poisoned daggers and arrows, a basket made by a child of 5 years. Prizes are given for the best account of the lecture. The lesson was very instructive and interesting.

October 20th 2011
It is test week throughout school as the childrens progress in the first half term is tracked.

Class two children decorated the felt fish in DT and the children in Class 5 finished their pebble artwork.
Excitement ripples through the school as the school Christmas Concert is announced and song sheets are given out.

Monday, 22 November 2010

Crafty Club

November saw the start of our Crafty Club for the Year three children.
Last Monday we used fabric paints and crayons to decorate a piece of white fabric. This will become the pocket on an apron each child will make to use for messy projects.
This week the children did some sewing. They decorated their pockets with buttons and beads.
They did very well. They all managed threading the needle and having a go at making a knot in the thread. They enjoyed looking through the beads and buttons and choosing which to put on their pocket.
9th November
Very poor attendance this morning owing to the severe snowstorm raging.
22nd November
Very bad snowstorm raging. Miss Watson telephoned from Halifax that she was delayed.

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Harvest Festival

(photos taken last spring!)
 Yesterday we celebrated Harvest Festival. It was a dull Grey day and the wind and rain got steadily worse as the day progressed.
Harvest Festival is a celebration of the food grown on the Land.

It is celebrated on the Sunday nearest to the Harvest Moon and this usually falls around 23rd September but can sometime fall in October. (I cannot find any mention of Harvest Festival in the school blog which I find strange).

But it is an ancient ceremony and for as long as I have known, the school children have walked up the cobbled lane behind the school to the church for a short service.
Class 5 (year 5 and 6) took the service and did very well, all taking part and saying their piece well. We sung some traditional hymns one of my favourites being Thankyou Lord for Harvest Time, all the children love it and really enjoy singing it!

Monday, 13 September 2010

1902, 1921 and 1940

September 9th 1902
Opened school with good attendance.
September 22nd 1902
Received notice of the grant allocated to the school.
amount £65
Purpose To maintain the present charge for salaries.

September 15th 1921
Sergeant-Major Wright visited the school and inspected the Physical Exercises of the children.

September 4th 1940
Juniors 1940's
Air raid warning at 10.45am All the staff and scholars took refuge in the school shelters. Two warnings were given in the afternoon and we had to leave the school during each warning and go under cover in the air raid shelters.

I'm not sure how the children coped with the disruptionn of the air raids, I guess they were very frightening.
September 13th 2010
Class 4 are looking at the Tudors. We made Tudor Roses in art today.

Class 2 said goodbye to the dragon today.
Dragon before he got his eyes!

 A mum who works at another primary school has taken it for her class there.

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Class Photographs

The school children had their class photographs taken today. This made me think about the box in the store room full to the brim of class photos taken over the years. This was the oldest one I could find. It was taken in 1898 (the year our school log book was started, although the school was opened in 1864) It looks like the younger children of the school, probably year 1 so children about 6 years old. They do look like they had put on their best clothes.

1898 infant children at school in their class photograph.

Saturday, 22 May 2010

21st May

21st May 2010

Today we did some more work on the dragon in class 2.

He just needs his tail doing and some eyes. The children want some fire coming out of his mouth too.

21st May 1905
"Empire Day" celebrated in school in the afternoon, as follows:- Lesson 1.30-2.30 (registers closed 1.30 prompt!)
Lesson on "The Empire-it's growth of greatness" having been given in each class separately, an address with questioning was given by me, and the National Anthem was then sung. Cheers were given for the King, The Navy, the Army, the Mother Country and the colonies, and the children then played out until 3.30. After this prayers were said and the school dismissed.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

23rd April

23rd April 2010

St Georges day.
Class 2 celebrated St Georges day as part of their topic 'Heroes and Monsters'. All children could come to school either as a knight, princess or dressed in England sports wear or just red and white clothes. This alone sends them into a crazed mob and you don't get much out of them when it's a none uniform day!

We had lots of activities set up to do, such as, making strawberry jam sandwiches on white bread, making tissue paper rose corsages, draw a dragon, construct a shield and my activity was to make a giant dragon.
First they helped me tape paper straws together and I built the frame.

Then the children pasted glue onto large pieces of tissue paper.

Then this covers the frame. We didn't get it finished but when it is I will post a photo of it. The children had such a great time, and went home at the end of the day knowing a lot more about their Patron Saint of England.
23rd April 1904
Today at 3.15pm the scholars were taken (in charge of the whole staff) up the hill, to Moy Hill Farm, Mr C Fairbank having invited them to take part in the Annual "Swailing".
Swailing is when fires are lit on the moors to burn off dead vegetation to allow new growth. Mixing children and fires, I don't think, would get passed the Health and Safety Regulations these days!