Monday, 13 September 2010

1902, 1921 and 1940

September 9th 1902
Opened school with good attendance.
September 22nd 1902
Received notice of the grant allocated to the school.
amount £65
Purpose To maintain the present charge for salaries.

September 15th 1921
Sergeant-Major Wright visited the school and inspected the Physical Exercises of the children.

September 4th 1940
Juniors 1940's
Air raid warning at 10.45am All the staff and scholars took refuge in the school shelters. Two warnings were given in the afternoon and we had to leave the school during each warning and go under cover in the air raid shelters.

I'm not sure how the children coped with the disruptionn of the air raids, I guess they were very frightening.
September 13th 2010
Class 4 are looking at the Tudors. We made Tudor Roses in art today.

Class 2 said goodbye to the dragon today.
Dragon before he got his eyes!

 A mum who works at another primary school has taken it for her class there.


  1. I bet the children would get a shock if a Sergeant Major turned up at the school today inspecting them in their PE lesson!

  2. A very nice post Lyn, it's good to bring back memories especially if accompanied by lovely pictures!
    Thanks for sharing,