Thursday, 27 May 2010

Class Photographs

The school children had their class photographs taken today. This made me think about the box in the store room full to the brim of class photos taken over the years. This was the oldest one I could find. It was taken in 1898 (the year our school log book was started, although the school was opened in 1864) It looks like the younger children of the school, probably year 1 so children about 6 years old. They do look like they had put on their best clothes.

1898 infant children at school in their class photograph.


  1. They look very well turned out!

  2. I was lucky enough to see old photographs & registers when my childrens' primary school celebrated 150 years ( several years ago now )
    It was lovely seeing the names of yesteryear. Some families in this village go back generations to the very beginning.

    My mother's grandmother was a girl teacher - took the younger ones in her school - she did continue to teach afterwards too.

  3. what a lovely idea for a blog Lyn! Thank you for your comment on mine! Lizzie